Welcome to Common Threads, a community sponsored by AUBAGIO

It's a welcoming and supportive community for people living with relapsing MS who have been prescribed AUBAGIO (teriflunomide) and their care partners. Members get access to:

Aubagio & you
A 10 week program for people starting AUBAGIO (teriflunomide)

An informational program for people just beginning treatment on AUBAGIO.

Living Well
Monthly topics around living well with relapsing MS

Monthly topics focused on living well, keeping positive, and hearing from others.

Stories & tips
Relapsing MS tips, stories, and inspiration

Community members share their experiences, stories, tips, hope, and inspiration.


Why is the community important to you?



Being a member of this community is important to me because I need all of you to help me maintain my happy, functional, normal life. My family is amazing; they are supportive, caring, loving and always there for me. They are also the ones who worry, get scared and they have never experienced what I’m going through. By belonging to this community, I get to connect with others, hear stories and communicate with people who know what I am experiencing because they are living it to. My family doesn’t need to be worried or scared when I need to talk. I just need to belong to a group of people who care, listen, give personal experiences and who know what I am going through; this community can provide all of that.

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How I find reasons to CELEBRATE

"Every time I get on my motorcycle and ride on the beautiful New England roads! Vroom Vroom!!"

- Anonymous

MS One to One is here for you 24/7.

Whether you're just starting out on AUBAGIO® or have been taking it for a while MS One to One is here for you. Once you've been prescribed AUBAGIO, MS One to One can help with benefit verification or side effect support, or can just be someone to talk to that can understand your experiences with relapsing MS.