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Easier refills with specialty pharmacy


Are you getting automatic refills of your AUBAGIO medication from your specialty pharmacy? If not, this can save you time and avoid delays in receiving your medication.

Call your specialty pharmacy to see if you can set it up. It shouldn’t take long to do and it’s a great way to automatically receive your monthly shipment of AUBAGIO as prescribed—without delays in your medication routine.

Simply ask your specialty pharmacists to place your prescription on auto-refill. Many specialty pharmacists will also send a reminder notification via text or email to let you know when your medication has shipped and/or delivered.

If you have questions, you can always call your MS One to One dedicated nurse about your AUBAGIO prescription.


Do you use an auto-refill option to receive your AUBAGIO prescription?

Not yet, but I hope to
I'm not interested in auto-refill
My pharmacy does not offer this option