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Get ready for your new journey


Starting a new treatment can be exciting – and a little overwhelming. AUBAGIO & You is a year-long program designed to help you get started with AUBAGIO.

Along the way, we will send you emails to check in and to introduce you to helpful resources and support available on Common Threads.

Before getting started, be sure you connect with your MS One to One dedicated nurse at 1-855-676-6326 and specialty pharmacy to receive your first shipment of AUBAGIO. If you haven’t connected with MS One to One or a specialty pharmacy, you must do so before taking the next step.

Let’s Get Started

Getting to know

To help you start this journey feeling informed and supported, the AUBAGIO & You program will check in by email every week for the first 5 weeks. During this time, you may be scheduling monthly lab work (for the first six months on treatment). You might be experiencing side effects. Your weekly check in emails will contain information designed specifically to support you.

  • webinars to help get you started
  • information about scheduling monthly lab work
  • information to help with certain side effects
  • video tips on setting a medication routine

Developing your routine

As you are learning a new medication routine, we will continue to send you regular check in emails with practical information. Here’s the type of information you’ll receive:

  • why it’s important to develop a treatment routine and stay with it as prescribed
  • how to open up lines of communication with your care team
  • how to apply tips and tricks for goal-setting
take a deep breath

Forging a new routine isn’t easy. We want to acknowledge the work you’ve put in and tell you all about the Recognition Program. It’s our little way of saying, way to go! Keep going!

Tips for living well

After your first few months, there are only a few more AUBAGIO & You check in emails you will receive. You will start to receive monthly Living Well emails with content that’s been tailored to help you live well, including:

  • recipes
  • life hacks and practical tips
  • encouragement, fun, and a little inspiration

Staying the course

You've come a long way on treatment as prescribed, and you may not have as many questions now as when you began this journey.

We will only check in a couple more times in the first year. We will remind you of resources here to support you and will offer encouragement and inspiration.

You can:

  • get insurance questions answered
  • learn how you can become an Ambassador and inspire others in their AUBAGIO journey
  • get helpful information to live well with MS

Journey on!
It’s been one year

You’ve completed the AUBAGIO & You program!

We hope it’s answered your questions, offered encouragement, and helped you along the way.

What's next? Watch for regular emails from Common Threads. They'll be packed with webinars, videos, articles, and more -- all designed to help you continue on in your journey to live well with MS.

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