Starting a new treatment can be exciting, but you likely have questions. Common Threads is here to help.

aubagio & you

What to Expect

We have a program, called AUBAGIO & YOU, that’s designed to support you on your treatment journey.

During your first year on treatment, we will check in via email to provide information, support and inspiration. In the beginning, we will check in frequently but over time, our check ins will be more infrequent. The goal of the AUBAGIO & You program is to welcome you into our community by offering you tailored support, information, and encouragement.

Patient Portrayal

The AUBAGIO & You program is designed to

  • offer insight into what you might expect on your treatment journey,
  • answer questions you might have,
  • and provide support, when you need it.

It’s a program made just for you, from the Common Threads team. We hope it helps you know there’s a community always here to support with you on this journey.